3rd International Meeting on Lung Cancer

Chairs: P. Christopoulos, F. Koinis (GR)

09.00-09.30 Transforming the standard of adjuvant NSCLC treatment   A. Kotsakis (GR)  Sponsored by ROCHE

09.30-10.00 The emerging relevance of neo-adjuvant immunotherapy in early NSCLC    D. Papadatos-Pastos (UK)

10.00-10.30 The landscape of front-line immunotherapy in advanced/metastatic NSCLC D. Ziogas (GR)

10.30-11.00 Therapeutic options after immunotherapy failure   Ch. Charalambous (CY)

Chairs: S. Gennatas (UK), F.I. Dimitrakopoulos (GR)

11.30-12.00 Bi-Specific Agents for immunotherapy in lung cancer   F. Koinis (GR)

12.00-12.30 Advances in the antibody drug conjugates therapeutic strategies in lung cancer     K. Boleti (UK)

12.30-13.00 Therapeutic Potential of Tumour Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) in lung cancer      V. Tseveleki (GR)

Chairs: K. Kosmatopoulos (FR), A. Giatromanolaki (GR)

13.00-13.15 A fish in the service of clinical decision making   G. Evangelou (GR)

13.15-13.30 Improved monitoring of ALK+ lung cancer using circulating DNA analysis    P. Christopoulos (DE)

13.30-13.45 Combinatorial molecular and immunological biomarkers for immunotherapy response in NSCLC patients.  A. Xagara (GR)

13.45-14.00 Management of CNS metastases in NSCLC   G. Tsakonas (SE)

14.00-14.15 Towards efficient cancer immunotherapies: deciphering the landscape of antigen-presenting cells   Μ. Tsoumakidou (GR)

Chairs: A. Kotsakis (GR), S. Fortis (GR)

15.00-15.30 Novel mechanisms in immune checkpoint inhibitor resistance                     P. Verginis (GR)

15.30-16.00 DNA Damage Response (DDR) gene mutations and HRD status: Are they new emerging biomarkers for the treatment of Thoracic Tumors   Th. Rampias (GR)

16.00-16.30 Patient-derived organoids for precision lung cancer immunotherapy M. Tsoumakidou (GR)

Chairs: A. Boleti (UK), F. Papageorgiou (GR)

16.30-17.00 The biologic and clinical relevance of CTCs in Lung Cancer   E. Lianidou (GR)

17.00-17.30 The relevance of ctDNA for the detection of Minimal Residual Disease in NSCLC      Ch. Abbosh (UK)

17.30-18.00 Value of ctDNA for the monitoring of treatment efficacy in advanced/metastatic NSCLC    P. Savvides (US) 

Chairs: P. Foukas (GR), M. Tsoumakidou (GR)

18.20-18.35 Messenger-RNA expression of BRCA1, RRM1, RRM2, hENT1, dCK and CDA genes predicting outcome to gemcitabine-based chemotherapy in advanced-stage NSCLC G.   Ioannidis (CY)

18.35-18.50 Clinical significance of Patras Immunotherapy Score (PIOS) in NSCLC      Ι. Pyrousis (GR)

18.50-19.05 Collaborative Project on Lung   G. Skoulidis (US)

19.05-19.20 Tumor Microenvironment and Immune Response in Lung Cancer            M. Koukourakis (GR)

Chairs: A. Klinakis (GR), M. Rovithi (GR)

Machine learning in systems approaches for lung cancer   V. Megalooikonomou (GR)

Chairs: A. Kotsakis (GR), Ε. Sarris (GR)

09.00-09.30 Targeting KRAS-Driven NSCLC   P. Economopoulou (GR)

09.30-10.00 Current treatment and perspectives in common EGFR-mutated NSCLC        A. Georgiou (UK)

10.00-10.30 Targeting EGFR Exon 20 Insertions and uncommon mutations in NSCLC           P. Christopoulos (DE)

Moderators: G.Tsakonas (SE), Ι. Boukovinas (GR)

11.00-11.30 Novel Therapeutics and Targeted Therapies in ALK positive NSCLC             G. Ioannidis (CY)

11.30-12.00 Advances in treatment of HER2/NTRK/RET/ROS1/BRAF driven NSCLC          I. Kornatzis (GR)

12.00-12.30 TKIs in the curative setting     M. Kaparelou (GR)

Chairs: O.D. Røe (NOR), A. Boutis (GR)

12.30-13.00 Advances in treatment in malignant mesothelioma   I. Metaxas (SUI)

13.00-13.30 Implementation of targeted therapies and immunotherapy in the treatment of thymic malignancies   S. Gennatas (UK)

Advances in targeted therapies & new targets: Current or Future Research Projects Moderators: F. Dimitrakopoulos(GR), G. Ioannidis (CY)

15.00-15.15 Neuropilin 2, new applications for an old target   Α. Dimou (US)

15.15-15.30 Deciphering immune infiltration in non-small cell lung carcinomas               I. Pateras (GR)

15.30-15.45 PD-L1 expression in CTCs from Lung cancer patients   G. Kallergi (GR)

Chairs: Α. Psyrri, D. Papadatos-Pastos (UK)

15.45-16.10 Incorporating functional genomics in the treatment of NSCLC                    G. Vasmatzis (US)

16.10-16.35 The Evolution of Metastases in NSCLC   M. Al Bakir (UK)

16.35-17.00 The immune contexture and immunity in NSCLC   A . Giatromanolaki (GR)

17.00-17.25 Combine radiotherapy with immunotherpay    M. Koukourakis (GR)

Chairs: A. Dimou (US), F. Koinis (GR)

17.45-18.15 SCLC Subgroups and Their Potential Clinical Significance                                      F.I. Dimitrakopoulos (GR)

18.15-18.45 Current Strategies in ES-SCLC in the Frontline   G. Imseeh (UK)

18.45-19.15 Future perspectives in the treatment of SCLC   K. Leventakos (US)

Chairs: D. Papadatos-Pastos (UK), F.I. Dimitrakopoulos (GR)

Dissecting and targeting KRAS-mutant NSCLC.  F. Skoulidis (US)

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