Best of ASCO | 2021 Annual Meeting – Event in Greece

Welcome and Chair Remarks

A. Kotsakis, F. Koinis

Chairs: N. Tsoukalas, I. Samaras

14.00-14.20 Presenter 1 Α. Kokkalis
abstracts 1500: Outcomes of COVID-19 in cancer patients: Report from the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C)
abstract 12012: Barriers and Facilitators of Geriatric Assessment Implementation in daily Oncology practice: A qualitative Study Applying a Theoretical Implementation Framework

14.20-14.45 Presenter 2 G. Douganiotis
Abstract 12020: The comparative effectiveness of direct oral anti-coagulants and low molecular weight heparins for prevention of recurrent venous thromboembolism in cancer: The CANVAS pragmatic randomized trial
Abstract 1506: The future of tele-oncology: Trends and disparities in telehealth and secure message utilization in the COVID-19 era
Abstract 6507: Mobile low-dose computerized tomography (LDCT): Three-year follow up of solution for early diagnosis of lung cancer in under-served populations

14.45-15.05 Presenter 3 D. Papageorgiou
Αbstract 1005: Treatment-related side effects and views about dosage assessment to sustain quality of life: Results of an advocate-led survey of patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC)
Abstract 3014: Racial and ethnic disparities among participants in precision oncology clinical studies
Abstract 12010: The effects of geriatric assessment on oncologist-patient communication regarding functional status and physical performance in older adults with cancer: A secondary analysis of a 541-subject nationwide URCC NCORP (NCI Community Oncology Research Program) cluster randomized trial
15.05-15.20 Discussion

Chairs: E. Saloustros, P. Makrythanasis

15.20-15.45 Presenter 4 Ε. Fountzila
Αbstract 10501: Nearly half of TP53 variants are misattributed to Li-Fraumeni syndrome: A clinical evaluation of individuals with TP53 variants detected by hereditary cancer panel assays on blood or saliva

Αbstract 10504: Underdiagnosis of germline genetic prostate cancer: Are genetic testing guidelines an aid or an impediment?

Αbstract 10516: Early age of onset and broad cancer spectrum persist in MSH6 and PMS2-associated Lynch syndrome

15.45-16.00 Discussant/Comments G. Lypas

Chairs: G. Rigakos, Ch. Kosmas

16.15-16.35 Presenter 1 A. Tsiara
Αbstract 10009: Oral selpercatinib in pediatric patients (pts) with advanced RET-altered solid or primary CNS tumors: Preliminary results from the phase 1/2 LIBRETTO-121 trial
Abstract 2013: Long-term results of the GEINO 140 TRIAL: randomizing patients to stop or to continue temozolomide until 12 cycles

16.35-16.55 Presenter 2 T. Koukaki
Αbstract 2002: Efficacy and safety of larotrectinib in adult and pediatric patients with tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) fusion-positive primary central nervous system tumors

16.55-17.10 Discussant Ch. Emmanouilidis

Chairs: O. Tsitsilonis, K. Baxevanis

Checkpoint Inhibitor-Based Therapies: New ImmunoOncology Targets and Resistance Mechanisms
F. Koinis

Chairs: A. Argyris, A. Kotsakis

17.40-18.00 Presenter 1 P. Katsaounis
Αbstracts LBA2: JUPITER-02: Randomized, double-blind, phase 3 study of toripalimab or placebo plus
gemcitabine and cisplatin as first-line treatment for recurrent or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC)
Αbstract 6000: Camrelizumab versus placebo combined with gemcitabine and cisplatin for recurrent or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A randomized, double-blind, phase III trial

18.00-18.20 Presenter 2 E. Eleftherakis-Papaiakovou
Αbstract 6001: Cabozantinib versus placebo in patients with radioiodine-refractory differentiated
thyroid cancer who have progressed after prior VEGFR-targeted therapy: Results from the phase 3 COSMIC-311 trial
Αbstract 6003: Metronomic capecitabine as adjuvant therapy in locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A phase 3, multicenter, randomized controlled trial

18.20-18.35 Discussant A. Argyris

Chairs: N. Xenidis, F. Koinis

18.35-18.55 Presenter 1 E. Kontopodis
Αbstract 2501: Phase II evaluation of the triple combination of PDS0101, M9241, and bintrafusp alfa
in patients with HPV 16 positive malignancies
Αbstract 3004: MyPathway HER2 basket study: Pertuzumab (P) + trastuzumab (H) treatment of a large, tissue-agnostic cohort of patients with HER2-positive advanced solid tumors

18.55-19.20 Presenter 2 G. Fotopoulos
Αbstract 2506: Preliminary results of a phase II study of alrizomadlin (APG-115), a novel, small-molecule MDM2 inhibitor, in combination with pembrolizumab in patients (pts) with unresectable or metastatic melanoma or advanced solid tumors that have failed immuno-oncologic (I-O) drugs
Αbstract 3006: First-in-human phase 1/2 study of CYT-0851, a first-in-class inhibitor of RAD51-mediated homologous recombination in patients with advanced solid and hematologic cancers
Αbstract 3007: A phase Ib trial of belvarafenib in combination with cobimetinib in patients with advanced solid tumors: Interim results of dose-escalation and patients with NRAS-mutant melanoma of dose-expansion

19.20-19.30 Discussion

Chairs: F. Zagouri, D. Tryfonopoulos

19.30-19.50 Presenter 1 K. Rapti
Αbstract 503: De-escalated neoadjuvant pertuzumab+trastuzumab with or without paclitaxel
weekly in HR-/HER2+ early breast cancer: ADAPT-HR-/HER2+ biomarker and survival results
Αbstract 1003: Trastuzumab plus endocrine therapy or chemotherapy as first-line treatment for metastatic breast cancer with hormone receptor-positive and HER2-positive: The sysucc-002 randomized clinical trial

19.50-20.10 Presenter 2 R. Zakopoulou
Abstract 500: Outcome of patients with an ultralow risk 70-gene signature in the MINDA; CT trial
Abstract 501: Breast Cancer Index (BCI) and Prediction of Benefit from Extended Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) Therapy (tx) in HR+ Breast Cancer: NRG Oncology/NSABP B-42

20.10-20.35 Presenter 3 E. Papadimitraki
Abstract 1002: Dalpiciclib versus placebo plus fulvestrant in HR+/HER2- advanced breast cancer that relapsed or progressed on previous endocrine therapy (DAWNA-1): A multicenter, randomized, phase 3 study
Abstract 12003: Prospective validation of genetic predictors of aromatase inhibitor-associated musculoskeletal symptoms (AIMSS) in a racially diverse cohort: Results from ECOG-ACRIN E1Z11
Abstract LBA1: OlympiA: A phase 3, multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of adjuvant olaparib after (neo)adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with germline BRCA1/2 mutations and high-risk HER2-negative early breast cancer

20.35-21.00 Discussant A. Matikas

Chairs: P. Papakostas, A. Boutis

09.00-09.20 Presenter 1 Ch. Avgerinou
Abstract 4003: Adjuvant nivolumab (NIVO) in resected esophageal or gastroesophageal junction
cancer (EC/GEJC) following neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy (CRT): expanded efficacy and safety analyses from CheckMate 577
Abstract 4006: Liposomal irinotecan (nal-IRI) in combination with fluorouracil (5-FU) and leucovorin (LV)
for patients with metastatic biliary tract cancer (BTC) after progression on gemcitabine plus cisplatin (GemCis): Multicenter comparative randomized phase 2b study (NIFTY)

09.20-09.40 Presenter 2 A. Markou
Abstract 3500: Final overall survival for the phase 3 KN177 study: Pembrolizumab versus chemotherapy in microsatellite instability-high/mismatch repair deficient metastatic colorectal cancer
Abstract LBA 4001: Nivolumab (NIVO) plus ipilimumab (IPI) or NIVO plus chemotherapy (chemo) versus
chemo as first-line (1L) treatment for advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC): First results of the CheckMate 648 study

09.40-10.00 Discussant V. Papadopoulos

Chairs: Z. Saridaki, Ch. Panopoulos

10.00-10.20 Presenter 1 E. Chantzara
Abstract 3504: Oral maintenance capecitabine versus active monitoring for patients with metastatic
colorectal cancer (mCRC) who are stable or responding after 16 weeks of first-line treatment: Results from the randomized FOCUS4-N trial
Abstract 3507: The TRUSTY study: A randomized phase 2/3 study of trifluridine/tipiracil plus bevacizumab versus irinotecan and fluoropyrimidine plus bevacizumab as second-line treatment in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

10.20-10.40 Presenter 2 O. Tsavaris
Abstract 3505: Trastuzumab deruxtecan (T-DXd; DS-8201) in patients (pts) with HER2-expressing metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC): Final results from a phase 2, multicenter, open-label study (DESTINY-CRC01)
Abstract 4006: Liposomal irinotecan (nal-IRI) in combination with fluorouracil (5-FU) and leucovorin (LV)
for patients with metastatic biliary tract cancer (BTC) after progression on gemcitabine plus cisplatin (GemCis): Multicenter comparative randomized phase 2b study (NIFTY)

10.40-11.00 Discussant G. Papaxoinis

Chairs: M. Liontos, I. Mountzios

Expanding the Druggable Universe F.I. Dimitrakopoulos

Chairs: D. Bafaloukos, K. Kalbakis

11.45-12.05 Presenter 1 J. Duran-Moreno
Abstract 9502: Neoadjuvant and adjuvant nivolumab (nivo) with anti-LAG3 antibody relatlimab (rela) for patients (pts) with resectable clinical stage III melanoma
Abstract 9500: Crossover and rechallenge with pembrolizumab in recurrent patients from the EORTC 1325-MG/Keynote-054 phase 3 trial, pembrolizumab versus placebo after complete resection of high-risk stage III melanoma

12.05-12.25 Presenter 2 G. Assi
Abstract 9503: Relatlimab (RELA) + nivolumab (NIVO) versus NIVO in first-line advanced melanoma:
Primary phase 3 results from RELATIVITY-047 (CA224-047)
Abstract 9505: Lifileucel (LN-144), a Cryopreserved Autologous Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte (TIL)
Therapy in Patients with Advanced Melanoma: Evaluation of Impact of Prior Anti-PD-1 Therapy

12.25-12.45 Discussant A. Laskarakis

Chairs: A. Kotsakis, A. Stribakos

Pancreatic Cancer - Challenges and Future Directions Α. Boutis

Chairs: I. Boukovinas, A. Koumarianou

13.45-14.05 Presenter 1 S. Kokkali
Abstract 11502: Treatment delays are associated with an unfavorable outcome in patients with localized Ewing sarcoma: A retrospective analysis of data from the GPOH Euro-E.W.I.N.G.99 trial
Abstract 11504: SPEARHEAD-1: A phase 2 trial of afamitresgene autoleucel (Formerly ADP-A2M4) in patients with advanced synovial sarcoma or myxoid/round cell liposarcoma

14.05-14.30 Presenter 2 A. Kyriazoglou
Abstract 11516: Eribulin and gemcitabine in previously treated patients with advanced liposarcoma or leiomyosarcoma: A multicenter, single-arm, phase 2-trial
Abstract 11520: High clinical activity of pembrolizumab in chordoma, alveolar soft part sarcoma (ASPS) and other rare sarcoma histotypes
Abstract 10005: Clinical impact of molecular tumor profiling in pediatric, adolescent and young adult patients with extra-cranial solid malignancies: An interim report from the GAIN/iCat2 study

14.30-14.50 Discussant I. Athanasiadis

Chairs: Ch. Papadimitriou, Α. Κοliadi

14.50-15.10 Presenter 1 M. Drizou
Abstract LBA3: Adjuvant chemotherapy following chemoradiation as primary treatment for locally advanced cervical cancer compared to chemoradiation alone: The randomized phase 3 OUTBACK Trial
(ANZGOG 0902, RTOG 1174, NRG 0274)
Abstract 5506: Intensive versus minimalist follow-up in patients treated for endometrial cancer: A multicentric randomized controlled trial (The TOTEM study - NCT00916708)

15.10-15.35 Presenter 2 G. Milaki
Abstract 5501: Optimal treatment duration of bevacizumab (BEV) combined with carboplatin and paclitaxel in patients (pts) with primary epithelial ovarian (EOC), fallopian tube (FTC) or peritoneal cancer (PPC): A multicenter open-label randomized 2-arm phase 3 ENGOT/GCIG trial of the AGO Study Group, GINECO, and NSGO (AGO-OVAR 17/BOOST, GINECO OV118, ENGOT Ov-15, NCT01462890)
Abstract 5502: Maintenance vigil immunotherapy in newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer: Efficacy assessment of homologous recombination proficient (HRP) patients in the phase IIb VITAL trial
Abstract 5504: Mirvetuximab soravtansine, a folate receptor alpha (FRα)-targeting antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), in combination with bevacizumab in patients (pts) with platinum-agnostic ovarian cancer: Final analysis

15.35-15.55 Discussant M. Rovithi

Chairs: P. Kosmidis, D. Ziogas

16.15-16.40 Presenter 1 D. Vassos
Abstract 8504: Video-assisted thoracoscopic versus open lobectomy in patients with early-stage lung cancer: One-year results from a randomized controlled trial (VIOLET)
Abstract 10506: Completion of lung cancer screening after a baseline order for LDCT at five diverse health systems
Abstract 8507: A randomized phase II trial of oral vinorelbine as second-line therapy for patients
with malignant pleural mesothelioma

16.40-17.00 Presenter 2 D. Stefanou
Abstract 8500: IMpower010: Primary results of a phase III global study of atezolizumab vs. best supportive care after adjuvant chemotherapy in resected Stage IB-IIIA non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Abstract 9000: First-line nivolumab (NIVO) plus ipilimumab (IPI) plus two cycles of chemotherapy (chemo) versus chemo alone (4 cycles) in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): Two-year update from CheckMate 9LA

17.00-17.20 Presenter 3 E. Biziota
Abstract 9006: Amivantamab in combination with lazertinib for the treatment of osimertinib-relapsed,
chemotherapy-naïve EGFR mutant (EGFRm) non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and potential biomarkers for response
Abstract 9002: Pooled analyses of immune-related adverse events (irAEs) and efficacy from the phase 3 trials IMpower130, IMpower132, and IMpower150

17.20-17.40 Discussant G. Oikonomopoulos

Chairs: K. Koutsoukos, G. Lainakis

17.40-18.00 Presenter 1 D. Matthaios
Abstract LBA5: Pembrolizumab versus placebo as post nephrectomy adjuvant therapy for patients with
renal cell carcinoma: Randomized, double-blind, phase 3 KEYNOTE-564 study
Abstract 4500: Final analysis of KEYNOTE-426: Pembrolizumab plus axitinib versus sunitinib as first-line therapy for advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC)

18.00-18.25 Presenter 2 Th. Tegos
Abstract 4502: Health-related quality-of-life (HRQoL) analysis from the phase 3 CLEAR trial of lenvatinib (LEN) plus pembrolizumab (PEMBRO) or everolimus (EVE) versus sunitinib (SUN) for patients (pts) with
advanced renal cell carcinoma (aRCC)
Abstract 4509: Nivolumab plus cabozantinib in patients with non-clear cell renal cell carcinoma: Results of a phase 2 trial
Abstract 4520: Avelumab first-line (1L) maintenance for advanced urothelial carcinoma (UC): Analysis of clinical and genomic subgroups from the JAVELIN Bladder 100 trial

18.25-18.45 Discussant E. Lianos

Chairs: Ch. Kourousis, M. Tsiatas

18.45-19.05 Presenter 1 I. Alafis
Abstract LBA4: Phase 3 study of lutetium-177-PSMA-617 in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (VISION)
Abstract 5000: A phase 3 trial with a 2x2 factorial design of abiraterone acetate plus prednisone
and/or local radiotherapy in men with de novo metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC): First results of PEACE-1

19.05-19.25 Presenter 2 Ν. Asimakopoulou
Abstract 5004: A phase 3 trial with a 2x2 factorial design of abiraterone acetate plus prednisone and/or local radiotherapy in men with de novo metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC): First results of PEACE-1
Abstract 5008: The CADMUS trial: A paired cohort, blinded study comparing multiparametric ultrasound targeted biopsies with multiparametric MRI targeted biopsies in the detection of clinically significant prostate cancer

19.25-19.45 Discussant K. Tsapakidis

Alafis I.
Medical Oncologist Consultant third Oncology department “Agioi Anargiroi “, Athens, Greece
Argyris A.
MD, PhD, FACP, Medical Oncologist, Director, 1st Department of Medical Oncology, Hygeia Hospital, Athens, Greece, Professor, Medical Oncology, Department of Medical Oncology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Adjunct Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas, USA
Asimakopoulou N.
MD, PhD, Resident of Medical Oncology, Evangelismos Hospital, Athens, Greece
Assi A.
Medical Oncologist and Clinical Research Fellow, Henry Dunant Hospital Center and Attikon University Hospital
Athanasiadis I.
Medical Oncologist, Director of Oncologic Clinic MITERA Hospital, Assistant Professor of Oncology, Northwestern University, USA
Avgerinou Ch.
Medical Oncologist, 2nd Medical Oncology Department, Metropolitan General, Athens
Bafaloukos D.
MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist, Emeritus Professor of University of W.A., Director of 1st Oncology Department, Metropolitan Hospital, Athens
Baxevanis C.
Scientific Director, Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Center, Agios Savvas Hospital, Athens, Greece
Biziota E.
MD, PhD, Consultant, Oncology Unit, University Hospital Of Evros
Boukovinas I.
MD, PhD, PharmaD, Medical Oncologist, Head of Oncology Unit, Bioclinic Thessaloniki, Greece
Boutis A.
Medical Oncologist, Theagenio Cancer Hospital, Thessalonki, Greece
Chantzara V.
Dimitrakopoulos F.I.
MD, BTh, MSc, PhD, Division of Oncology, University Hospital o f Patras & Molecular Oncology Laboratory, University of Patras, Greece
Douganiotis G.
MD, DDS, Medical Oncology Resident, 3rd Department of Medical Oncology, Theagenio Cancer Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece
Drizou M.
Medical Oncologist, 2nd Oncology department, Metropolitan Hospital, Athens, Greece
Duran-Moreno J.
MD, MsC, Medical Oncologist
Eleftherakis-Papaiakovou E.
ΜD, MSc, PhD, Medical Oncologist, Registrar at Oncology Unit, Dpt. Of Clinical Therapeutics, Alexandra Hospital, Athens, Greece
Emmanouilidis Ch.
MD, PhD, Professor of Medical Oncology, Dept. of Hematology & Medical Oncology, UCLA, CA, USA & European Interbalkan Medical Center, Thessaloniki, Greece
Fotopoulos G.
MD, FSMB (USA), PhD, Medical Oncology Consultant, UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Alumni, Bank Of Cyprus Oncology Center
Fountzila E.
Medical Oncologist, Clinical Assistant Professor, European University Cyprus, Euromedica General Clinic
Georgoulias Vasileios
Emeritus Professor of Medical Oncology, School of Medicine, Uni versity of Crete, Heraklion, Crete
Kalbakis K.
Director, Medical Oncology Clinic, University Hospital of Heraklion, Heraklion, Crete
Katsaounis P.
MD, Medical Oncologist, Metropolitan General Hospital, Athens, Greece
Koinis F.
Assistant Professor of Medical Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of Thessaly, Greece
Kokkalis A.
Resident In Medical Oncology, MSc, PhD Candidate, University Hospital Of Larissa
Koliadi A.
MD, PhD, Senior Consultant in Medical Oncology, Akademiska University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden
Kontopodis E.
MD, Medical Oncologist, Attending Physician, Venizeleion General Hospital of Heraklion
Kosmas Ch.
MD, Consultant & Head: Department of Medical Oncology & Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Unit, “Metaxa” Cancer Hospital, Piraeus, Greece
Kosmidis P.
MD, Director, 2nd Department of Medical Oncology, Hygeia Hospital, Athens, Greece
Kotsakis A.
MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medical Oncology, School of Medicine, University of Thessaly, Director of the Department of Medical Oncology, Gener al University Hospital of Larissa, Larissa
Koukaki T.
Medical Oncologist, Oncology Department, University Hospital of Alexandroupolis, Greece
Koumarianou A.
MD, PhD, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Hematology Oncology Unit, 4th Department of Internal Medicine, Attikon Univ ersity Hospital, Athens
Kourousis Ch.
MD, PhD, Head of the Medical Oncology Dpt., General Hospital Iasis, Chania, Crete
Koutsoukos K.
MD, MCs, Medical Oncologist, Alexandra Hospital, National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Eugenideio Hospital, Athens
Kyriazoglou A.
MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2nd Propaedeutic Department of Medicine, Attikon University Hospital, Athens, Greece
Lainakis G.
MD, MSc, Medical Oncologist, 4th Oncology Department, Metropolitan Hospital, Athens, Greece
Laskarakis A.
MD, MSc, Medical Oncologist, Director, Oncology Department, Medical Center of Athens, Athens
Lianos E.
MD, Medical Oncologist, Sr Consultant - Medical Oncology Dpt., METAXA Memorial Cancer Center Hospital, Piraeus - Greece
Liontos M.
PhD, Medical Oncologist, Consultant, Department of Clinical Therapeutics, Alexandra Hospital, Athens, Greece
Lypas G.
MD, Medical Oncologist, Director of Department of Medical Oncology - Genetic Oncology, Hygeia Hospital, Athens
Makrythanasis P.
MD, PhD, PD, Assistant Professor, Medical Genetics, Laboratory of Medical Genetics, Medical School, National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, Greece
Markou A.
PhD, Assistant Professor, Lab of Analysis Circulating Tumor Cells (ACTC), Lab of Analytical Chemistry, Dept of Chemistry, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Matikas A.
Associate Professor of Oncology, Karolinska Institutet
Matthaios D.
MD, MSc, PhD, Medical Oncologist, Director, Oncology Department General Hospital of Rhodes, Greece
Milaki G.
Medical Oncologist, Director of Medical Oncology Unit Creta Interclinic Hospital, Heraklion
Mountzios I.
MD, MSc, PhD, Medical Oncologist, Director, 4th Oncology Department and Clinical Trials Unit, Henry Dunant Hospital Center, ONCOLIFE Institute founder, Athens, Greece
Oikonomopoulos G.
Consultant in Medical Oncology, MSc, 2nd Oncology Department, Metropolitan Hospital, Athens, Greece
Panopoulos Ch.
MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist, Director of 4th Dpt. of Medical Oncology, Euroclinic Athens
Papadimitraki E.
Consultant Medical Oncologist, Breast Unit and Early Phase Trials, University College London Hospital, UK
Papadimitriou Ch.
Professor of Medical Oncology, Aretaieion Hospital
Papadopoulos V.
Medical Oncologist, University Hospital of Larissa, Larissa, Gr eece
Papageorgiou D.
Assistant Professor, Nursing Department University of Peloponese, President H.O.N.S. ESNE
Papakostas P.
Head of 2nd Oncology Department, Metropolitan General Hospital, Athens
Papaxoinis G.
Consultant Medical Oncologist, Agios Savvas Anticancer Hospital, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Rapti K.
MD, MSc, Consultant Medical Oncologist, 251 General Airforces Hospital
Rigakos G.
MD, MSc, Medical Oncologist, Consultant, 3rd Oncology Department, Hygeia Hospital, Athens
Rovithi M.
Medical Oncologist, Agios Nikolaos General Hospital, Crete, Greece
Saloustros E.
Assistant Professor of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of Thessaly, Larissa
Samaras I.
MD, Medical Oncologist, University Hospital of Larissa, Greece
Saridaki Z.
MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist, Scientific Director of the Oncology Department Asklepios DIAGNOSIS, Asklepeion Crete Clinic, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Stefanou D.
MD, PhD, Mesical Oncologist, 1rst Department of Internal Medicine, Laiko General Hospital, Athens, Greece
Stribakos A.
Medical Oncologist, Director of 5th Internal Medicine - Oncology Clinic HYGEIA
Tegos Th.
Medical Oncologist, PhD, Evangelismos General Hospital, Athens, Greece
Tryphonopoulos D.
MD, PhD, MSc, Medical Oncologist, Saint Savvas Anticancer Hospital, Athens
Tsapakidis K.
Medical Oncologist, University Hospital of Larissa, Greece
Tsavaris O.
Μedical Oncologist Venizeleio general Hospital
Tsiara A.
Medical Oncologist, 5th Clinic of Medical Oncology, Hygeia Hospital, Athens
Tsiatas M.
MD, PhD, BSc (Biol), Director Medical Oncologist, Department o f Medical Oncology and Clinical Trials Unit, Athens Medical Center
Tsitsilonis O.
Professor in Immunology, Department of Animal and Human Physiology, Faculty of Biology, University of Athens, Greece
Tsoukalas N.
MD, MSc, PhD, Medical Oncologist, MSc Bioinf ormatics, Deputy Director, Oncology Department, 401 General Military Hospital and Consultant, Henry Dunant Hospital Center, Athens, Greece
Vassos D.
MD, MSc, Pulmonologist, Metropolitan General Hospital, Athens, Greece
Xenidis N.
Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
Zagouri F.
MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist, Associate Professor of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens
Zakopoulou R.
MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2nd Propaedeutic Department of Medicine, A TTIKON University Hospital, Athens, Greece
Ziogas D.
MD, PhD, Academic Scholar in Medical Oncology 1st Department of Internal Medicine, Laikon General Hospital, School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens

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